Files from an American foreign correspondent

I’ve been working for, hmm, about 30 years as a foreign correspondent, and I’m gathering here some of the stories that people have asked me about from time to time.




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8 responses to “Files from an American foreign correspondent

  1. Sarah

    Sounds interesting!!!

  2. Scott Piddington

    This is great! Keep it coming.
    Thanks for all you write,

  3. Dora Lee

    Thanks for all you do to keep the truth out there.

  4. Traci Minton

    I admire your writing, your dedication and your mission. Thank you so much for sharing them all with us. Many blessings to you and your family.

  5. Don Carey

    I’ll be checking out some of the referenced dispatches, and looking forward to reading the ongoing blog. Enjoy family visit at xmas.

  6. Jim, I’d love to be added to the list, thanks!

  7. Jayaram

    Jim Saheb,

    Have added this to favourites.

    Shall visit from time to time.


  8. Put me on the list, Jim! This is terrific stuff!

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